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Halfway up a hill

This feels like quite a significant post, in its own small way – nowhere near earth shatteringly important, but a personal milestone of sorts. Because it marks the halfway point in my 52 project. Yes, 26 weeks, 26 poems. To be honest, it feels less like being on the peak of a mountain and thinking, … Continue reading



I may have over-dramatised the reality of the storm, in writing this one.There really was a Storm Jorge, and it did cause the fence panels at the end of our garden to shudder a bit, but it was nowhere near as ferocious for us as the poem makes out. There wasn’t a fox on our … Continue reading



I ought to begin this week’s 52 poem post with a disclaimer, to the effect that all persons and situations in the following poem are entirely fictional and are not based on any real individuals either living or deceased. Because there does seem to be an idea floating around, even (absurdly) among more than a … Continue reading