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Medway / Memoir

Royal Oak

I was reminded of this distant memory when songwriter and poet Chris Broderick passed away, recently. I think it was in 1987 when I called into the Royal Oak on a Tuesday evening, in the company of Chris and our fellow poet Simon Robson, after a meeting of the Medway Community Writers group. It was … Continue reading


The deer girl

There was once a young unmarried woman who went walking alone in the forest. She was gone for three days and three nights, and though her mother and father and her three brothers all went searching for her, they could find no sign of her until she came home. “Where have you been? What happened … Continue reading


What the gannet knows*

Scattered along the bookshelves in my study, along with the books, I keep a number of small objects. My parents and grandparents might have called them “knick-knacks”, a term that implies a general uselessness, trivial things of no real value. But to me these are small objects of desire, redolent with meaning, if only a … Continue reading