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Towards memoir

By way of an experiment, really, I’ve recently been indulging in some autobiographical writing. Not that I’ve done anything of world-changing significance to warrant that, obviously, but it struck me that life and the world around us change fast, and the character of an earlier time, how it was actually lived, and the memory of … Continue reading


The Snake Catcher

It can only have been coincidence, but I had been dreaming of vipers. Many vipers, writhing together within a deep cave. In the morning, my mother saw them through the kitchen window, like a big undulating knot in the garden. When they noticed us peering through the window, some of them rose up and spat … Continue reading


The Bench

She had only gone down to the riverbank so that she could feed the ducks, she did the same every day and this had never happened before. She thought this each time a sodden piece of bread floated by, which was frequently. As for the ducks, they simply looked at her with quizzical expressions as … Continue reading